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Oceanfront Retreat Center in Baja, Mexico

Nourish your body & your soul

Our retreat location where the desert meets the sea provides the perfect setting to decompress and rejuvenate. Relax or meditate on our expansive sandy beach, hike to awe-inspiring views and refresh in our salt-water pool. Adventure with your group to experience highlights of the Todos Santos area. Add your magic to this immersion in nature, with the comforts of Glamping, to create at transformational travel experience of a lifetime!


Fall asleep to the sound of the waves in one of our three types of deluxe accommodations pictured below: furnished Glamping Tents made from breathable canvas, cool concrete Cabanas, or Cabanas with en suite bathroom and shower. These can be single or double occupancy and all include lights and electricity.

Woman sits outside tent
Glamping Tent
Glamping Cabana with Bath
Glamping Cabana without Bath
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Imagine yourself relaxing by the saltwater pool, enjoying delicious and wholesome prepared meals, hiking along the ocean, practicing yoga, delving into internal peace, and falling asleep under starry skies, all to the sound of the waves crashing.

This is what our Bhakti Retreats feel like! Now is your chance to join us! 
This retreat features world-renowned and beloved headliners –
Yogrishi Viskvketu, Govind Das and Jacqueline Michelle (Radha), Sujala Roy, and Kal Prakashini
Spots are limited, Reserve yours today

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Are you ready to make powerful changes and manifest the life of your dreams in the second half of 2022? Join Alex McRobs (Sober Yoga Girl) for a week-long retreat in Baja California, Mexico, and tap into the power of manifestation, using the tools and techniques Alex practiced in 2021 to manifest the life she is living now. A former grade one school teacher, Alex now lives full time in Bali and runs an online yoga business – something she previously thought wouldn’t be possible. The power of manifestation made it happen – and you’re going to do it this week! Practice yoga every day, discover the magic of Yandara in Mexico, and learn how to begin living your life consciously to create the reality you truly desire.

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Reiki opens the heart and clears un-serving energetics in a gentle, yet profound way, bringing more alignment, power and clarity to your life.

This Reiki Training and Retreat is facilitated by Allison Eaton, experienced Reiki Master of 12 years. Experience Allison’s light and wisdom and her profound connection to Reiki Universal Life Force Energy, as she assists you in awakening to your own healing gifts.

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A week long retreat designed to support your body, mind and business. Each day has been intentionally curated to inspire creativity, mindset shifts, and breakthroughs in both your personal and business worlds.

Baja is where my ideas come to life and where my soul comes to rest.

My yoga teacher and reiki master, Allison Eaton will be leading the yoga and meditation classes, and my team and I will be guiding you and your business with workshops, writing sessions, rituals and ceremonies. Plus evening sound baths, beach bonfires, delicious meals, adventures, and more.

This retreat is a special opportunity to connect deeply with what you want the next version of your business and life to look like and have the space held to dream big and design this next phase together.

We will have plenty of down time to enjoy pool hangs, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Looking for a transformational experience that has a little bit of everything? This is it.

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Join Marcie Costello and Melissa Perry on the beautiful Baja coast at Yandara for a transformative retreat experience, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Take this time to invest in yourself and create lasting change. 

Fall asleep under the vast starry sky, waves crashing on the shore and wake to a symphony of birds with the rising sun.

Through guided workshops led by a licensed psychotherapist, you will gain insight into your own patterns and behaviors, interpersonal communication styles and boundaries; learning practical tools to navigate through them. We will anchor this profound inner exploration with daily yoga, meditation and breath work. 

There will be opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings, visit the colorful artisan town of Todos Santos, or take a surf lesson at Cerritos Beach. Our special evening activities include a beach bonfire ceremony, a sound bath, and a restorative yoga session led by Marcie’s wonderful teacher, Allison Eaton.  There will be plenty of downtime to relax by the saltwater pool, read a book in a hammock, enjoy a massage, an astrology reading, or simply rest. This retreat is designed for YOU. 

Throughout the retreat, you will be treated to nutritious meals that are lovingly prepared to nourish your body and support your well-being. A poolside smoothie bar will be available offering daily delights.

This retreat is a unique opportunity to take a step back from the demands of everyday life and dedicate time and space to your own growth and self-care. It is a chance to relax, restore, and rejuvenate in the company of like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of personal transformation.

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Wild & Sacred Retreat: Living life as a wild adventure and sacred ceremony.

We assure you, this isn’t your average retreat. We leave each retreat with an unwavering knowing of who we are now, where we belong, and why this work matters. Through soulful programming, somatic practices, ritual + ceremony, movement, play, and incorporating each individual’s unique medicine in the world, we will live into questions that help us create and tend to our wild & sacred lives –– life as a sacred ceremony + wild adventure –– always remembering, always becoming. 

This journey to Mexico is a new one for us and we are going to a place where the desert meets the sea –– an oceanfront glamping retreat center in Baja, Mexico. This land has been calling us in and we listened and responded. Together, we will take the road less traveled –– with you, alongside you. This will be an experience that your soul both knows and craves –– a place to land, to belong, to be seen, to be witnessed, to be regarded, to laugh, to play, to breathe, to move, to grieve, to celebrate, and to be deeply held through your expansions and contractions — a whole body exhale –– an experience to honor, capture, and embody what it really means to be alive. 

This experience is crafted to be intimate and transformational. It will mirror the full expression of what it means to live + to be in community + to tend that wild and sacred soul of yours. Life is a wild adventure and sacred ceremony after all.

Created with love by Medicine for the Modern Soul 

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We are celebrating Yandara’s 20th Anniversary with our beloved alumni of Yandara Yoga School! 

Alumni may bring 1 guest! 

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New Years Week!! 

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Nothing about this retreat is typical and that’s by design. If you’re seeking (simply) a beach vacay, this isn’t it. Although restoration and renewal are awaiting. This is an opportunity to find renewal and reimagine your potential. You will not find an experience that is more closely held in nature, literally on the sand, steps from the ocean and tucked among palm trees and cactus. This incredible location at the end of the Baja peninsula and set on an expansive private beach is where desert meets sea. Yandara is nestled among the saguaro and only steps from the transformational tide. The pristine backdrop and austere surroundings are the perfect space to gain clarity around what is no longer serving us and reinvigoration about what is. At a time when our bodies and minds may be craving a reset, this is an opportunity to truly nourish our bodies, spirit and souls. Join us.
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Join Sarah Scarborough, aka Tea Huntress, for a week of ritual and rewilding.

This is a time to reflect on 2023 and to be guided in the creation of powerful rituals to fuel your intentions for 2024– all while giving your mind and body a mid-Winter reset. 

We will begin our days with sunrise yoga and Tea Ceremony. 

We will indulge in daily botanical elixirs and traditional, nourishing foods prepared locally with love.  

We will gather around the bonfire on the beach, soak in the sea, receive reiki and massage, watch for whales, go shopping at the colorful markets, sip ceremonial cacao and be soothed to sleep by Mother Ocean.

Whether this is your first New year Rituals retreat or if you are returning to reconnect with our tribe, this time is for you!

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“Mindset Reset Retreat” with Ally Troia


Join us oceanside for 7 days of deeply profound revitalization this January. Every minute of every day has been thoughtfully curated to soothe your tired nervous system, inspire major mindset shifts and reinvigorate your daily life with reverence and bliss as you navigate the challenging world we live in today.

You’ll be fully immersed in daily asana, pranayama and meditation, all held within a beautiful beachfront yoga studio overlooking the ocean. We’ll hike the hilly landscape, recharge our prana in the sunlight and play in the healing ocean waves. You’ll eat abundant, delicious, vegetarian meals to nourish your body and spirit, and you’ll sleep and wake to the rhythmic sounds of the sea.

A relaxing, joyful, transformative week in paradise will dust the cobwebs from your spirit and send you home feeling more alive than ever before.

$300 early bird discount ends July 1st, 2023

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Join Dennis and Ossi in Baja, Mexico for a week of Yoga, meditation, conversation and so much more!

Retreat Theme: The Elements 


  • Daily yoga practice
  • Daily Yoga workshop
  • Daily meditation
  • 3 delicious meals a day
  • Transportation to and from the airport


This is an Exclusive Retreat and the 3rd Annual Retreat at Yandara with Dennis & Ossi! 

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Journey to the Heart Retreat 
Leaders: Amanda Chisholm, Natalie Sophia and Melanie Frigault
Join Amanda, Natalie, and Melanie for a transformational 7 day yoga and healing retreat, as together we embark on a Journey to the Heart and a coming home to ourselves. We invite all who feel called to begin (or continue) nurturing a heart-centered approach to living through yoga, meditation, and catered workshops in an inclusive and welcoming environment of like-minded individuals. This retreat is sure to be on that leaves you feeling nourished, supported, and held as you journey home to your heart.

Escape the cold ‘wet’ coast or wintery days and join us for another signature enso retreat in the beauty and warmth of the Baja.  Sheer JOY! Yoga retreat is a 7-day-, 6-night yoga retreat skillfully led by Dori Howard and Erin Routly.  Sheer JOY brings the power of Kundalini yoga and meditation, purposeful reflection, experiential activities, healing sound baths, emotional agility workshops and much more to help develop and adopt regular renewal practices to bring more calm, peace, clarity, joy and ease into your life.  Real joy, not fleeting happiness or momentary glee is the enduring state of grace that emerges from deep-seated sense of confidence in yourself and alignment with your truest self.

This retreat is for anyone seeking a deeper connection to themselves and desiring to be more calm, grounded and clear even in the face of chaos. Some experience with Kundalini yoga and meditation is optimal as well as capacity to move, stretch, breathe and be willing to try some rigorous movement. Regardless of your background, physical capacity or yoga experience, this week of Sheer JOY! is for anyone who commits to themselves and the practice, surrendering to the beauty and awe of the Baja. You will leave this retreat with a  heart, body, mind and soul full with JOY.

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Details coming soon

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Escape the cold of wintery days and join us for another signature enso retreat in the beauty and warmth of the Baja.  Diving into Light  retreat is a 7 day, 6 night Kundalini yoga and meditation retreat skillfully led by Dori Howard, Donna Alstad and Erin Routly.

There are many paths to Wholeness.  Diving into Light brings us the power of Kundalini yoga and meditation, purposeful reflection, experiential activities, healing sound baths, and much more that allows us to take a deeper dive into the listening, Soul Self. 

This retreat is for anyone seeking a deeper connection to themselves and desiring to be more calm, grounded and clear even in the face of chaos. Some experience with Kundalini yoga and meditation is required.    Regardless of your background, physical capacity or yoga experience, this week of Diving into Light is for anyone who commits to themselves and the practice, surrendering to the beauty and awe of the Baja. You will leave this retreat with more aliveness, harmony and radiance.

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This Spring immerse yourself in the magic of Baja with a week full of yoga, pilates, meditation and sound baths to relax, recharge and simply be. Embark on a journey to connect to your innate wholeness and inner peace. Together we will cherish the beauty of sweet simplicity: with movement, dips into the refreshing ocean, afternoons by the pool, soul food and heartfelt connections. The Sweet Simplicity Retreat, hosted by Vanessa and Bettina, offers a place to let go of your hectic daily schedule, and immerse yourself into a space where you can simply be, to play, and explore your true self and the beauty that surrounds you. 

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Come play, explore and connect!
This retreat is designed for a 55 plus group! Daily meditation, gentle yoga, water movement, strength and balance, beach bon fires, magical sound bath and so much more! All inclusive! Unlock your incredible power held within.
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Join Jessie & Sammy for a 6-day Yoga & Reiki Retreat at Yandara, an oceanfront retreat center where the desert meets the sea in Baja, Mexico. Sink into the healing energy of Yandara’s nourishing atmosphere, open your energy channels into a state of flow, and align with the awakening of your soul through yoga, Reiki, and a number of additional rejuvenating offerings. We are honored to hold a cozy space for you to unite with your breath, body, spirit, and the beautiful collection of humans who come together to share this experience.

Instagram: @REIKAURA_Retreats @jessie_lackner @lavender.lyon

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Medium Retreat (18-25 guests)

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(35+ guests)

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(35+ guests)

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“Yandara Yoga’s location is the perfect place for a retreat… The new salt-water pool is so refreshing and perfect! The beautifully furnished Glamping tents are in ideal spots… close to the yoga pavilion where we did yoga every day and only steps away from the expansive beach. The hikes from Yandara are awesome and include amazing views of the whole coastline and the beautiful mountains in the distance. Another highlight was the delicious and nourishing food served by the friendly staff. I’m so grateful for this sacred retreat center where I was able to unwind from my busy life… This perfect combination of immersion in nature with the comfort of Glamping enabled me to feel a deeper connection with myself. I can’t wait to go back.”


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